How to Choose a Good Local Glazier

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Finding a glazier… no finding a GOOD GLAZIER is a challenging task. There are a lot of glazing companies out there who claim to be ‘the best’ but when it comes to actual field work, there are only a handful of these companies who could do what they claim.

How to find single out a good glazier or a professional glazing company among a lot of these mediocre ones? Confused? Well don’t be. In this article you will learn how to find a good local glazier or a glazing company.

Check the References:

As I already said finding a glazier is not difficult (finding a good one is), in fact if you try looking for a glazier in a local directory, you’ll find a lot of listings, but can you trust them? Of course not because there are no reviews or references of them available to you. You’ll be shooting in the dark if you just go out and call the first glazier or glazing company you find in the directory.

The best way is to check for the references, not the online ones but your relatives, friends, family, colleagues or neighbors. Call them and ask if they have used a particular glazing company or a glazier? What was their experience? Was the job completed in time? How much did it cost?

Everybody needs a glazier at least once in their lifetime and you will easily find a friend who had used a glazing company in the past and their reference will prove very helpful to your search of a ‘professional glazier’.

Check at Least Four Companies Before You Reach a Decision:

You should ask at least four different glaziers for the visit and inspection of the work that needs to be done.

Ask them questions regarding their completed projects and professional experience. Believe me, you will surely be able to single out the professionals from amateurs by asking a few questions. Additionally, you can also get the information of their former clients and ask them about their experience. Ask them if they have the proper equipment needed for the job, do they have their own transportation etc.

Moreover, you could also get price quotes from them which will provide you a very solid basis for comparison.

Remember, DO NOT make any decision instantly. Instead get their phone numbers, do your due diligence and then make an informed decision.

Selected a Glazier. Now What?

The next step is to discuss the project they’ll be working on. Have a detailed meeting with your glazier and prepare a written contract that should state:

  • How long would it take for the glazier to finish the project?
  • The total cost of the project.
  • What kind of materials will be used?
  • Who will pay for the materials?
  • What will be the course of action if there are any damages?
  • What will happen in case of any delay?

These are a very few and basic questions that you should have answers to before the glazier or glazing firm starts working on your project. You can add more questions and details into the contract depending on your preferences.

A professional glazier will have no problem with the contract because they know what they are doing.

Pay when you are Completely Satisfied:

You would have to pay an installment or advance before the work begins but a significant amount of payment would still be in your pocket that will be payable after the work has been completed.

Before you make the final payment, pull out the contract and check if everything is done according to it. You should pay the final installment after the work is fully completed, site is tidied up, and all the terms and conditions of the contract are met.

Finally if the work is done to a satisfactory standard note down their contact information for your future glazing needs so you won’t have to start from the square one when you need a glazier in future.